Kompetenzzentrum BAU für Forschung und Entwicklung der Bundesinnung Bau

Büroadresse Bundesinnung Bau
Schaumburgergasse 20/8
1040 Wien


Main services

  • Information
  • Consulting
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  • Cluster Management
  • Research

Core Competences

  • Qualität am Bau / Quality in Construction
  • Massive Gebäude / Massive Building
  • Small Tech - Bauen mit Hausverstand / Small Tech - Construction and common sense

Associated experts and their field of expertise


ACR – Austrian Cooperative Research - Research partners for SMEs


OFI – Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut - Expert for material applications and building renovation.


VÖZ – Vereinigung Österreichischer Zementindustrie - Federation of Austrian Cement Industry.


ACTP - Austrian Construction Technology Platform - ACTP aims are the establishment of a national network for research and development, the support of the Austrian industry initiative BRA.IN by developing strategic research priorities, the introduction of the Austrian positions in the research activities at European level as a national mirror organization ECTP and stepping up the exchange between national and European R & D activities.


VÖZ- Verband österreichischer Ziegelwerke - The Association of Austrian brick plants is the nationwide voluntary interest group of Austrian brick and tile industry.


FH – Pinkafeld, Wels, Salzburg, Johanneum, Kärnten - University of applaied science University of applaied science Spittal / Drau


ETH - Zürich, TU Wien, TU Graz, TU Innsbruck - Technical Universites


JKU – Johannes Keppler Universität, DUK – Donau Universität Krems

Institut of Building Research & Innovation

BTI – Bautechnisches Institut  -
Schöberl & Pöll GmbH -  Research Bauphysik Passivhaus / PlusEnergy


Homepage: www.forschung.bau.or.at

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