Alphouse-Center Traunstein

Bildungszentrum Traunstein der Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern




Max Stadler


Core Competences

  • Energetic renovation of traditional buildings
  • Traditional building materials
  • Vocational training across the trades for craftsmen (gewerkeübergreifend)
  • Presentation of research outcomes/ innovations in the field of energetic construction
  • Funding opportunities, Financing, Tender procedures

Main services

  • Information
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Events
  • Cluster Management
  • Other services:

Organisations of (permanent) exhibitions and trade fairs in the field of energy efficient construction and renovation of Alpine buildings/ innovative and traditional building materials, project-based cooperation with universities and research institutes, Expert workshops (Expertendialoge).


Associated experts and their field of expertise

  • Ms Seeholzer – Subject Renewable Energy, Solar technology, Network at political level/ in the crafts sector
  • Mr. Wolfgang Wimmer – Energy carrier, heating systems
  • Mr. Ries (Helmholtz Centre) – Climate analysis and scenarios, Planning (Target group: Political level)
  • Ms Helga Meinel – Architect, Solar energy
  • Mr. Peter Follin – Architect, Sustainable construction and renovation
  • Expert of FH Rosenheim – Energy- and Building technology, Windows and Facing, Wood engineering – Material Research- Herr Alvershammer
  • Expert of TU München – Tobias Eder  Renewable and sustainable energy systems
  • Mr. Halletz - Expert for e-Mobility



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